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Planting Trees and Associated Benefits Planting trees is sometimes taken by people as a casual activity. Trees are also essential in enabling a good climate. By planting a tree at a time, people get prolonged benefits to society. Apart from having an aesthetic appeal, the trees also ensure that gases get to balance within the atmosphere. Trees can be planted in open spaces. They do not need to have very large tracts of land to plant trees. The trees can be planted in backyards or kitchen gardens. They also only need special care when still young. The trees do not need much attention after takeoff. Trees have been used as a way of preventing soil erosion in most places. There are different types of soil erosion the trees can prevent. Because they provide a barrier for the wind, they prevent erosion by wind. This ensures that the strength of the wind is reduced therefore ensuring that less soil is carried away by it. Splash erosion is also avoided as they act as a covering for the soil. Agricultural land is thus protected and does not lose its natural fertility. Because the roots of the trees hold the soil together, it is not easily washed away. Trees are also essential for demarcating land. People plant trees on the boundaries to their land. Because they do not spend extra money, this acts as a good method of fencing. Because they are also not movable, they act as permanent marks. The place is also made more beautiful as a result. The environment thus becomes a pleasant place to stay in. People go to places surrounded by trees for nature walks.
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Trees are a way of balancing gases in the atmosphere. The trees use up carbon dioxide which is unwanted in the atmosphere giving off oxygen in return. Because a balance of gases is achieved, global warming is prevented. This has helped in overcoming respiratory problems. People also get shade from trees. People can sit under the trees in sunny areas thus getting to cool off. They thus get a place to pass time. The cool breeze under the tree makes them suitable for relaxing.
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Trees are also a source of most medicines used. Most trees have medicinal properties. They are thus used to develop different types of medicines. They as well provide fruits that are eaten. When the branches and leaves fall off, they can be collected and used for firewood. There are countless benefits people derive from trees. It is up to every person to take the role of planting trees upon themselves. This results into a sustainable ecosystem. It is impossible to underestimate the benefits that trees bring about.