Security Issues With Online Hotel And Ticket Booking Websites

The Internet has quietly revolutionized the world. It has made completion of tasks easy and fast, making us dependent on it heavily for almost every aspect of our life. One of the earliest revolutions took place in the banking industry, followed by the ticket booking services, after the US military made their ARPANET project public and allowed universities and businesses to take advantage of this wonderful technology.

Interestingly, computer and programming nerds create primitive web based ticket booking systems with the Java language, which is considered by many as the language of the internet. They do so for their academic projects in their schools and colleges and these applications are insignificant with respect to the commercial versions. However, the case was discussed to make the reader realize the popularity of theses internet based ticket booking applications.

Now, coming to the main point, online ticket booking and hotel reservation systems often provide the option of paying the required amount online, which is referred to as wire transfer in common man’s language. These websites use third party plug-ins through APIs, that integrates their website’s database with the bank’s computer systems and servers through a software-defined network device called the Payment Gateway.

Generally, these payment gateways are extremely secure environments that employ Secured Socket Layer or SSL algorithms, which can be 64 bit or 128 bit encryption algorithms, based on the requirement. 128 bit SSL algorithms are the most secure algorithms deployed in public domain for the purpose of securing fund transfer environments and encrypt the sensitive information with a highly secure process that is extremely difficult to crack by present standards.

The problem, or rather the loopholes lie with the internal data storage mechanisms deployed by the third party ticket booking websites. Sometimes, to reduce the cost associated with maintaining the security standards high, these websites do not take adequate measure to ensure that the payment related information are safe in their servers. It might also be the fact that their server or database administrators are not skilled enough to ensure stringent security measures are deployed.

It may happen that while no security breach takes place on part of your bank’s transfer system, security loopholes might exist in the hotel’s or the airline’s own website. If their servers are hacked and the data is appropriately mined by any expert hacker, your entire details regarding the financial transaction, including your credit card details, will be in front of the hacker.

The hacker can simply download or copy the information to some other system of his own and use the same to perform unauthorized transactions and fund transfers. Although banks deploy double-layered verification methods to mitigate such frauds, the process is far from being full-proof.

Thus, think twice before you trust third party hotel and ticket booking service. Even the best hotel booking service providers are vulnerable to such server attacks by cyber experts and they do very little to plug the loopholes in their systems and servers.…

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Dish Network Suits Everyone’s Needs

If you want to be a legend and a moneymaking businessman, Dishnetwork satellite is the right place you’ve put your foot on. To be an partner with Dish Network Satellite is an all time gain and no loss guaranteed.

You want to get major in fulfilling your dreams and profiting from every ounce of energy you invest with Dish Network Satellite. You are the source and resource for the booming industry of Dish Network Satellite. Your golden moment is looking for you; a slight delay will cost you a fortune.

Dish Network Satellite has realized your company is vital for enhancing its conversion rates and maximizing its profits to be the lead satellite provider in the continental USA. Dishnetwork Satellite intends to capitalize on the relationship shared with our associates to support dynamic associates and trigger inactive associates unendingly.

Dish Network set free fresh and innovative promos to house as many affiliates possible and it has focused its efforts manifolds to give you latest tidbits on how to swell your pockets.

If an affiliate partner wants to host a placard on their own they will need to download them from the admin panel which will consists of the updated version. As of now Dish Network Satellite have engendered in redesigning the banner on the website that projects the latest price of $31.99.

The New homepage graphics that have been enunciated encourage the customer to take advantage of the High Definition Television and programming offers that are cost-effective and value to your time, money and energy.

Every opinion of yours, every suggestion and suggestion is scrutinized thoroughly to ensure a value to our partners and their importance to the company.

Dish Network Satellite has the best bonuses in the television production. It vouches for you benefit alone and it makes sure that your partnership with Dish Network Satellite will always be a fruitful one.

Other competitors vie with Dish Network Satellite to be left unsuccessful because of the fabulous team of partners that Dish Network Satellite takes pride in owning.

Dishnetwork Satellite makes rules to suit its affiliates and not itself alone. A common setback that associate affiliates encounter is poor recollection of accurate promo codes by customers. To alter this malady Dish Network Satellite has devised a proposal for its partners.

The proposal being that the percentage of orders at the end of the month without the promo code will be shared as a bonus to the sales to every partner. For example, if 5% of our call center sales come in without a promotional code, we will give each affiliate 5% of their total sales; if you made five sales that month, for a total of $350, you earn an additional extra $17.50.

To add to your benefit and gain Dishnetwork Satellite has structured a new tiered that makes every partner at liberty to acquire $70 each for the first five sales they refer, $80 each for sales 6-20, and $90 for each sale after the 20th. Every sale …

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One Easy Step to Changing Your Life – Start With Changing Your Beliefs

Ellen DeGeneres once said: “I am saddened by how people treat one another and how we are so shut off from one another and how we judge one another, when the truth is, we are all one connected thing. We are all from the same exact molecules.”

This is not a new belief. The Buddhist and Hindus believed this also. They believed that your actions were responsible for the type of life you have, in that your life is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Biologist, Bruce Lipton, author of the Biology of Belief, demonstrated in his research that a person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body: It’s actually our beliefs, or our assumed truth, that select our genes which select our behavior. Human beliefs choose to perceive a positive or negative environment. If we are victims, we are victims to our beliefs.

Recently, Quantum Physicist Bryan Cox demonstrated the Non-locality Theory in which a particle really can be in several places at once and moves from one place to another by exploring the entire Universe simultaneously.

So everything is connected to everything else.

Happiness and sadness are different sides of the same coin; so is prosperity and poverty; sickness and health.

So if your life is not filled with the things you want to experience, the solution is to change your beliefs.

Romans 12:2 says, “do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

In order to transform your mind, you start by re-thinking what you believe to be impossible.

How do you re-think the impossible?

The First Step according to Arnold Patent, author of The Journey and You Can Have It All, is to make a list of your personal beliefs about the experience you want to change. It is your beliefs that are clouding your acceptance of the Truth that You are the Power and Presence of God. Every thought, action, feeling event and circumstance in your life tells you what you believe. You are to simply feel love for these feelings, and feel love for yourself feeling these feelings.

Dream Big! Life the life you have imagined.

Remember life is too short to drink cheap champagne!

“Do not go gentle into that good night; find a hill worth dying for and take It; be the person you’re waiting for; make today so awesome, that yesterday gets jealous and above all else do it Your way.”

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Data Loggers Leading the Way Into the Future

Data loggers are electronic instruments that record different kinds of data. They are often small machines run on battery power. The use of rechargeable batteries are very convenient with these devices. The great thing about these devices is that you can record information without having to be there to record the data. Although batteries might need to be changed on a regular basis. However these devices have the capacity to record data for many months at a time.

All of the above help to record important data that might be used for a variety of reasons depending on the data acquired. The majority of these devices use turn key data programming on a personal computer to utilise the logger and look at the data collected. Other types of data logger are general purpose designed to be connected to a wide variety of voltages and sensor types.

Two names commonly used together are data logging and data acquisition. However these are not the same and have very different historical backgrounds. Data loggers commonly have slower sample rates, typically the highest sample rate of 5 HZ could be considered to be too quick, yet it is on the slow side for a data acquisition system.

A Data logger is implicitly a stand-alone piece of equipment compared to the data acquisition system that has to remain connected to a computer to gather information. There is arguments over which one is best, but they both have pro’s and cons. Each device offers something different depending on what you want to use it for.

Because the data-logger is a stand-alone device it has to have on-board memory. Occasionally this memory is very big to allow for many days, or even months, of recording that has been left unattended. The memory of this device might be battery operated static random access memory, flash memory or EEPROM. Data loggers have changed quite a lot since they were first Historically data loggers utilized magnetic tape, punched paper tape, or directly viewable records such as “strip chart recorders”.

Data loggers commonly have built-in clocks whose published drift can be a crucial consideration when deciding what device to choose. The loggers come in many different forms from basic single-channel input to complicated multi-channel devices. Commonly, the most basic the tool the less programming flexibility. The more complex devices permit the user to carry out cross-channel computations. Also alarms created for predetermined conditions.

The latest data loggers can serve pages on the internet that permit many individuals to monitor a system remotely. A wireless data logger is a tool that can be solely electronic or have a microprocessor, it can also combine the two. Basically a wireless logger is a data logger that has a wireless link. No matter whether the information is digital, analogue or frequency depends completely on what the logger is designed for.

Recently a few manufacturers were beginning to provide output in XML format file information. This is a positive step forward for the business as up …

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The Importance of Decoupled Objects in OOP

In OOP (object oriented programming) it’s important to remember why you are building an application with objects instead of mere functions (procedural programming). Sometimes programmers will treat objects more like functions which completely defeats the purpose of objects in the first place! The purpose of this post is to explore the real benefit of OOP and how to structure your models appropriately.

What is a decoupled object?

Contrary to the novice OOP programmer’s belief, an object is much more than a collection of data members and related methods. It’s important to remember that an object embodies data and methods that pertain only to itself. The term “decoupling” is used to identify the separation of software blocks that shouldn’t depend on each other.

Why is it important to decouple objects?

Let’s say that we have a Car Class with the methods driveForward(), stop(), turn(), honkHorn(), and changeLanes(). This object has a poor design because one of the methods, changeLanes(), might depend on a Street class. What if you were trying to reuse this class for a car that only drives off-road? In this case, the changeLanes() method is completely meaningless to your object instantiation. Furthermore, if the turn() method were to reference the changeLanes() method, the entire object would start to seem too specific to instantiate and work with an off-road car. In addition, if a change is made to the Street class, it’s very likely that the Car class will also have to be modified. Since Car has a method that depends on another object, this object is said to be “coupled” (which is what we are trying to avoid).

How to decouple objects

To create what I call “purified objects”, we need to completely decouple them in such a way that all of their fields and methods are specific to what the object can do in any circumstance. To decouple the Car class, you would want to move the changeLanes() method to another object that interacts with Car, like CityDriving. This new object acts as a mediator because it uses the Car class for special circumstances without tainting its pure definition.

When designing your object models, ask yourself “are these objects purified? Are they decoupled?” If you religiously ask yourself this question when creating new objects, not only will you end up creating much cleaner code, you’ll also spend less time re-factoring. Good luck!…

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Programming Your Computer For Satellite TV

With satellite television, you are offered far more channels than what you could get with cable. Although we have seen a number of exciting changes specific to television, satellite is considered one of the most powerful. After all, having the ability to choose the exact channels that interest you is a huge benefit to choosing satellite. With cable, you would be limited by the package deal you buy but with satellite, you can look through as many channels as you like. Because of this, we see a growing number of people trading out cable for satellite.

Keep in mind that programming for satellite television is actually a simple concept. The bottom line is that you get more channels within the same genre or different genre as you want. For instance, the two primary satellite television companies are now offering customers a broader range of channels so if you were a movie buff, you could choose all of the movie channels but if not, these channels could have been eliminated or bypassed.

With so many different satellite channels, you have a much greater variety. With multi channel programming, watching the stations that you want makes television easier. Another huge benefit to going with satellite television is that you never have to worry about when a special show will be broadcast. In other words, you now have advanced show time listings so you never miss another important show.

Of course, one of the greatest features of satellite television is taking back control over what your children watch. If you have concerns about your children seeing television with too much sex, violence, bad language, and so on, then you have the power to lock out those channels or specific shows. While not important for everyone, homes with smaller children find this to be a huge advantage over other types of viewing.

Keep in mind that many televisions today offer some type of security but without doubt, satellite programming is by far the best. In addition to security for your family, satellite programming, especially for High Definition TV or HDTV is the best. Remember, with HDTV satellite programming, you typically see variation from one station to another. In some cases, the larger channels that transmit HD come with four of the largest broadcast networks to include Discovery, ESPN, HBO, and TNT.

Anyone can watch satellite TV on PC online legally when you visit these resources …

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How To Build Your Next Web Site In A Few Hours

I've heard lots of woes from people trying to work with their Web site consultants this week. You know the type: they promise that your site is "just about finished" and the pages "just need some tweaking" and yet nothing gets done. I have had to suffer through whiney rants about delays, bad programming decisions, tools that malfunction, missing logins and content wrecks.

Have we reached the point where building a web site is a lot like building a new freeway? It takes far too many people, time, and dollars, upsets the people who have to live near it, and in the end is obsolete by the time the first people try to use it.

I remember the good ole days of the Web, say 12 years ago, when one person (like me) could build a site in an afternoon, without any really specialized tools or knowledge beyond knowing a few tags and reading a Laura Lemay book.

I am coming to the conclusion that we need to return to those simple days where one person can still build their site, without the heavy lifting of a Web Site Designer and a Web Programming Consultant and an Internet Search Specialist and a Web Marketing Person. (Capital letters deliberately intended to reflect the title's self-importance.)

At one site, a simple database was taking months to webify. I ended up talking to the site's graphic designer, who was the only one who had any project management skills and could reign in the wayward development staff. Said staff has trouble configuring something that my high school networking students could do in their sleep. Someone else was complaining to me that their copy of Dreamweaver had started behaving badly, and all I could do was recommend a clean uninstall of every Adobe product on her disk, short of buying a new computer. These are just a couple of the stories I could tell you this week alone.

So in the 15 or so years of the Web we have better tools, but they still suck. Better sites, but they are still annoying with pop-ups and dead-end links and overblown graphic frippery. Better site statistics, but still no insights into who comes where and why they leave our sites. Better traffic, but still a lot of mythology about how the search engines point our way. And speaking of search, why is it that we still can not do better there on deploying good internal site search algorithms?

There is a simple answer: rebel, resist, and reclaim the Web as your own personal place. Avoid the consultantization of the Web. Fire your designers and programmers.

Start afresh with a blogging tool like WordPress or Blogger and build your site around that. Or pick up a couple of widgets and components, or use dabbleDB or Pageflakes or stuff from Google or Yahoo. You do not need a passel of programmers to work this Web.

Since moving over to WordPress and posting these simultaneous to the blog and …

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Cable TV – Do You Experience These Cable TV Problems Like My Friend Ted?

Cable T.V.

My friend Ted is very fond of talking. To be honest, so am I!

Whenever I meet Ted, we discuss any and everything under the sun. It generally includes many things with which we are not really concerned and which many people like us would never bother to even think about. But once we start our discussions, unknowingly, we become so very passionate about the whole thing that anybody who happens to overhear us would feel inclined to believe that our very existence depends on that particular thing or event.

I had got my cable TV connection disconnected quite some time back and switched over to a different network. In fact, I had even told Ted just a few days thereafter as to how happy I was with the new connection. I had recommended to him that he too should discontinue his cable TV right away and switch over to the new system or even internet TV, if he so desired. But he did not feel too inclined to give up his cable TV connection.

When I met Ted last Saturday, he seemed all worked up and pretty disgusted. Soon after exchanging pleasantries, he started narrating the tale of his sheer disgust with his cable TV company. I gave him a patient hearing and have often thought about his complaints during the last 4 to 5 days. I agree with him on some of the points and say that cable TV companies do rip off their customers on these fronts.

1. Overbilling – Ted was being overcharged for programming, equipment and assorted fees, the charges for which had been reduced for new customers. These should have been automatically reduced for Ted too. But had he not taken up the matter with the cable company, he would have perhaps paid the higher amounts all his life.

2. Poor Customer Service – The ‘professionally qualified’ employees of the cable TV company responded to Ted in the most unfriendly manner. They kept on pretending that either Ted didn’t know a thing or was not able to tell his problem properly.

3. Failure to inform what the best deal was – Despite lengthy discussions, the cable TV company did not straight away tell Ted as to what the best deal for him was. He was quite candid about his requirements but it seemed that they simply didn’t want to help.

Customers deserve better than the high costs, poor services, faulty billing and the unfair practices of the cable TV companies!…

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3 Ways To Earn Money Using The Internet

We would all like to earn some money sitting at home. With everyone having an internet connection, this is something that is now practical for a lot of people. Making money using internet has become a trend in the last 10 years or so. Several people are now earning money using the internet. It's not easy, but it can be done with instant traffic coming to your site.

Before creating a website you will need to find out people's demand and keywords. Once you find people's demand "product etc." you can use a free Google Keyword Tool to find the best keywords. Only then you will be able to earn money using internet. Keep in mind you need traffic to make money off your website. One way to get instant traffic to your website is to sign up with Google AdWords.

Although it is not free, it is a great way to get traffic to your website. This method is the same as advertising your website in a newspaper. Another way to make money on internet fast is to use Pay Per Click (PPC). It's a small fee per click and you can get traffic from search engines with in the first fifteen minutes. But, if you want to learn a free method you can do SEO (takes time), article marketing and / or using You Tube and blogs.

Here are the 3 most common ways to earn money using internet.

One of the most common ways to work through the internet is freelancing. People who are skilled in writing, web designing or programming can bid for and complete projects for clients. There is no contract involved for a freelancer. Projects are usually one-off but can lead to more projects depending on the satisfaction of the client. The payment is made on completion of the project or as agreed between the client and the freelancer.

A very quick way to earn money through the internet is to sell things that are no longer required. This could be anything from vinyl records to old bicycles to paintings and cutlery. Though practically anything can be sold, some items sell faster than others. Most items can be auctioned through eBay, the world's largest online auction and shopping platform. Items that may seem to be worthless could easily turn into hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Not only that you can make your own product if your good with soft programming. It can be done and the earning by internet can be great.

One of the best ways to earn money using the internet is to become an affiliate. This reflects to promoting products like e-books and online programs or services by advertising on blogs or social media outlets. When someone buys a product through the link that is connected to the affiliate, the affiliate earns a commission. The commission could even be up to 75% of the sale value. One popular digital products retailer who accepts affiliates is ClickBank. People can make a …

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Web Development

Ventura IT

People say that the World is moving fast! Is it not true that we are assuming global dimensions? One has to pace with the ever growing World by any means available. Who would have imagined 20 years ago that communication would go wireless, satellites would be playing a major role and the modest internet would grow over us in no time at all.

Owning to the human psyche and the little time we want to spend doing everything, many Companies have emerged professing that they have gotten the solutions for us, that we can communicate with the whole world in just a few minutes.

Ventura IT took its leap into the world of Information technology about 10 years ago. Based in California USA, this company caters to the needs that a growing institution requires. It provides humungous services that include web hosting, web development, internet applications, e-commerce, graphic designing and high-level language programming.

The simple process of making a project of any kind would be placing the order with complete specifications, considering the estimate given by the company, payment and in a few weeks time your dream project would assume reality with global dimensions. What makes it innovative is the fact that so many facilities are available under one roof, which is not the case in other companies. Since it is a privately owned hi-tech company, the quality of the project is tremendous. It also has a 24-hour contact line for answering any questions.

Ventura IT has served a number of well-renounced clients like Harvard, UCLA etc. and yearns to do more by gaining experience along with expertise. There are 1000's of satisfied clients which will continue to increase as time prevails. It absolutely plays the part of supporting the business needs of an entity.

The last question that remains unanswered is that why should you choose Ventura IT? It has teams of experts who could change your company in an unimaginable way, or could make a project, which no one else could. Moreover, the amount of services it provides apart from e-commerce like programming in java, html, C, C ++ etc. can not be ignored. Just think of the next best project you want, convey it to Ventura IT, and you would be on the road of success and recognition. Click here to know more about web development

web development …

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