Work Process in Testing a Software Product

Work processes are the policies, standards and procedures in a quality IT environment. Test work processes are those work processes specific to the testing activity. A process to improve the test work processes should be implemented to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the policies, standards, and procedures.

Policies provide direction, standards are the rules or measures by which the implemented policies are measured, and the procedures are the means used to meet or comply with the standards. These definitions show the policy at the highest level, standards established next, and procedures last. However, the worker sees a slightly different view, which is important in explaining the practical view of standards.

The Importance of Work Processes

It is important for a quality IT environment to establish, adhere to, and maintain work processes in the testing activity. It is also critical that the work processes represent sound policies, standards and procedures. It must be emphasized that the purposes and advantages to standards discussed below exist only when sound work processes are in place. If the processes are defective or out of date, the purposes will not be met. Poor standards can, in fact, impede quality and reduce productivity. Thus, constant attention is needed to operate and improve an

organization’s standards program.

The major purposes for and advantages to having work processes for testers are:

1o Improves communication : The standards define the products to be produced. Not only are the products defined, but also the detailed attributes of each product are defined. This definition attaches names to the products and the attributes of the products. In an environment without standards, the communication between workers is reduced because when one says requirements, another is probably not certain what that means.

2o Enables knowledge transfer : Once a procedure has been learned, it can be formalized and all people in the department can perform that procedure with reasonable effort. In an environment in which processes are not well defined, some people may be able to do a job very effectively, and others perform the same job poorly. The formalization of process engineering should raise the productivity of the poor performers in the department and at the same time not hinder the productivity of the effective performers.

3o Improves productivity : It is difficult to improve productivity throughout a function without first standardizing how the function is performed. Once it is clear to everyone how the function is performed, they can contribute to improve that process. The key to productivity becomes constant improvement. Since no one person can do everything the best, each shortcut or better method identified by anyone in the organization can be quickly incorporated into the procedures and the benefits gained by everybody.…

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Ethernet Network – The Role of Ethernet in Computer Networks

Ethernet is the definitive form of technology adapted to have linkages between a group of computers. In the beginning, the Ethernet was supposed to be designed to primarily depend on the ever-present radio waves, just like the base technology of radio and television communications. Although, because of the technology’s configuration of being able to be accessed by nearly anyone who wishes to, it was dismissed as an option.

Hence, this networking technology was assimilated with the use of light signals in the place of radio signals. In a more generalized view, it is a form of technology that employs the use of light waves as means of transportation of information between devices. Cables, once affixed to compose links of computers, a network is outlined. And this web of connections is called Local Area Network or LAN.

It is relatively easy to analyze how the Ethernet works. There is a central force that is called the main frame. The main frame is the one directing the ways and speeds of the signals. By discovering the which among the computers are the creator and the receiver of the signals, the main frame ascertains that they follow their intended courses. In order for the main frame to maintain conjunction with the group of computers, a distinguished form of linkages are used. The first ones of these are the same kinds used in television sets, the coaxial cable.

Not all linking equipments are created equal, however, because they differ in their components. Variation in the materials also mean variation in performance. That is why, it is important that the connector to be used is made from components that could support a certain distance between two devices. The most popular kind of technology used by Ethernet are in the form of Fiber Optics and Copper wirings.

There are also other segments that play an important role for Ethernet networks. These are the portable modules and connectors that make sure the physical layer standards of the other parts would match the standards of specific devices.

With its proven sturdy and reliable history, Ethernet holds the title of being the highest network technology for LANs. Its progression and continuous evolution even made Wide Area Networks or WANs possible. With the footprints it has left that changed the face of information exchange forever, we could always trust in Ethernet technology.…

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Microsoft Word Smart Quotes and Internet Article Writers Do not Mix

By default, Microsoft Word automatically changes straight quotation marks ('or') to curly (smart or typographer's) quotes as you type. to HTML, the quotes are converted to non-standard characters which end up littering your document with question mark symbols and / or other garbage code.

When in doubt, do not allow your Ezine Articles to contain smart quotes:

Most articles that are put into article distribution often end up being sent to an email newsletter audience. Email newsletter servers have near zero-tolerance for MS Word smart quotes; they will not recognize them as valid ASCII characters (because they are not valid). They are a figment of the Microsoft ASCII imagination. In most cases they will show up as garbage code; thus making you, and your article, look like a real novice lacking proper formatting skills.

At risk are: quotes, apostrophes, double dashes, and 3 periods in a row.

This is what smart quotes looks like when properly displayed:

smart quotes arent very smart

This is what STANDARD quotes looks like when properly displayed:

"smart quotes" are not very smart …

This is what smart quotes looks like when NOT properly displayed:

â Smart Quotesâ € ™ are not very smartâ|

Do you see the downside potential of leaving smart that put into distribution? Standard quotes use the lowest common denominator in the ASCII character standards world and this ensures that your articles will look great in any HTML or TEXT format.

How To Disable Microsoft Words Smart Quotes:

1. On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect Options, then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

2. Under Replace as you type, select or clear the "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" check box.

Alternately, you can copy your entire MS Word document over to a non Microsoft text editor (EditPlus, UltraEdit, TextPad, etc) and do a simple search and replace. Search and replace the smart quotes into standard quotes, apostrophes, dashes and dots if applicable.

Caution For Authors Who Do HTML Code For Their Articles in MS Word:

Unless you have smart quotes disabled, it should be noted that smart quotes are not valid HTML code. Therefore, dont even consider using MS Word to do HTML code unless you have the smart quotes feature disabled.

Article Marketing Smart Quotes Conclusion

Smart quotes are best left for e-books, physical books in print, PDF documents and any non-HTML related document. If you want to increase the portability of your EzineArticles, do the smart thing and turn off Microsoft Words smart quotes or do a search / replace before you upload your next article to the web. …

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Help to Reduce Your Stutter by Programming Your Subconscious Mind

Around 4-5% of the population suffer from some kind of stuttering in childhood. Most of these are remedied within a few years and the children stop stuttering of their own accord. However, in the minority of cases stuttering can continue into adulthood and this can cause great anguish to those who suffer from stuttering or stammering. As with a lot of other problems like this the fact that the person has a problem can then cause them to worry about the stutter occurring which will exacerbate the problem.

There is a lot of debate about the causes of stuttering and how to stop stuttering and there is a train of thought that says that some forms of stuttering are genetic, some maybe caused by children being told off for using the wrong words or not being able to recall certain words and also that it is a physical disability.

Sometimes this kind of affliction is treated with hypnosis as well as by other types of therapy. This can have a positive effect but may not last long term. There unfortunately isn’t a permanent cure for stuttering but some treatments may help to minimise a stutter and enable a stutter to reduce. Sometimes stuttering becomes worse in pressurised situations and so being able to relax in these situations may help to minimise the stutter.

One method of helping someone to stop stuttering is for them to listen to affirmations that penetrate the subconscious mind and program it to improve the speech and ease the stuttering. Subliminal messages target that part of the brain that is able to absorb 10 times as much as the conscious mind and also will not get sabotaged by the brain telling them the messages are not true.

Use some of the following affirmations to help to conquer a stutter and ideally listen to these subconsciously to get the full effect.

  • I am relaxed and at ease in stressful situations
  • I have overcome my stutter
  • I can speak freely and easily
  • I am confident when talking to people

These are just a few you can use to start helping to eliminate a stutter. Keep using these and others on a regular basis and you could see signs of your stuttering being reduced.…

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