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Drug and Substance Abuse and How to Recover. Addiction to substance is one of the main depressing issues in communities today. When a person starts using drugs in an uncontrollable manner, they may eventually get addicted and even fail to function without use of these drugs. It can take quite a while for someone to realize that they are already addicted to a given substance. Most of the people who are addicted to these drugs are young people who pick these habits from high schools as a result of peer pressure. This, therefore, ends up ruining a person’s life because it may take so much time for that person to recover from use and abuse of these drugs. The brain’s reward system can end up being corrupted by the continuous use of these drugs. Addiction can originate from use and abuse of substance like alcohol, morphine and even hard drugs such as cocaine. One of the major things that people become addicted to, is alcohol. Alcohol addicts depend so much on it such that it is hard to function without using it. Drug addicts usually feel reinforced after substance use and abuse. This, therefore, creates dependence on the drug. This is a state that an addict develops which can be associated with symptoms of withdrawal upon usage of repeated substance usage. It is a very risky state in an addicts’ life. Substance use is known to give the addict a rewarding feeling which the brain may understand it as something that is desirable or even intrinsically positive. Drug and substance use can cause a disorder, which is a condition whereby usage can lead to clinical and functionally significant impairment and distress. A person who is addicted to substance abuse may continue seeking pleasure from the drugs and they presume them to be desirable, pleasurable and even inherently positive.
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It is however, possible to recover from addiction as there are treatment mechanisms that can be adapted by addicts. One of the key things an addict should be aware of is that addiction can’t be treated by stopping use of drugs but by creating a brand new life that shall be easier to not use these drugs. Addiction can be treated by use of medication such as naltrexone. This is a type of medication that is known to stop the activities of opioids, and it is primarily used to manage dependence on substance.
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Addiction recovery is a process. This is especially because, as those recovering from substance abuse create a new life, they are advised to avoid being exposed in high-risk situations like being hungry, angry, lonely and even tired. High risk situations may bring about cravings in an addicts life and may lead them back to substance abuse.